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About Us

SKATE SNOB® is more than just a brand – it’s a way of life.

Join the movement of the rhythm & jam skate community and embrace the SKATE SNOB® lifestyle! Our brand is crafted with with top-notch materials to ensure your utmost comfort while gliding across the skate floor, be it indoors or outdoors. Our collection of clothing, books, and accessories are designed to cater to your skating needs.

With its timeless designs, SKATE SNOB® aims to make a lasting impression, just like the natural charisma you exude when you’re on your wheels!

Whether you’re a enthusiast of quads, boards, blades, or any other form of skate wheels, SKATE SNOB® is tailored to cater to your unique style and passion. It embodies the energy, personality, spirit, and flair that define the skate culture.

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